Telegram Stop | send a classic telegram and say your message the way people used to say it

Our Story
The telegram has a long, proud and important history in the development of person to person communications. It’s development enabled people to quickly send news around the globe, messages of congratulations, messages of sadness, messages that marked important events: such as the Wright brothers' first flight in Kittyhawk.

We realised that these important messages became records that the recipient would keep as treasured memories and wanted to recreate something special that you, your family and friends would appreciate as a historical record.

Our telegrams are made to look and feel like a classic telegram from the original days when telegrams were one of the only forms of national and international communications, we’ve taken great care to ensure the experience to the recipient is one that garners surprise and a sense of warmth.

Thanks for visiting our site! We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve the experience of our service.

The Telegram Stop team.

PS- For all those wondering why "STOP" was inserted in the old fashioned telegrams at the end of sentences, punctuation used to cost extra whereas letters were free (up to a certain character limit). So users would craft their telegrams to fully make use of this limitation.